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    A summation of my approach to Yoga:

    The mind becomes what it focuses on. As transparency is approached, thru sadana (daily practice,): cultivation of purity, non-harming, etc. and allowing grace into oneís life, the mind becomes transparent: Prakriti becomes all-Sattvic. The level of purity of nature approaches that of pure consciousness. The intellect is part of nature. Consciousness illuminates it by drawing near to it. Meditation, if done properly, is a kind of purification process.

    Through Yoga practise, one intercepts the mental processes, replacing them with the Yoga practises, until the Self is realized.

    The true Self can never be realized as long as the mind continues to confuse or mistake itís true nature with the continous mental fluctuations that make up the daily thought process. We mistake this process, directed by karma, for our reality.

    The veil of ignorance that keeps us from realizing the true Self is built into existence. The soul (atman) seeks to go both up and down, that is, to return to the absolute, and at the same time to finish the necessary task of experiencing however much of creation itís karma dictates. Yoga practise pierces through that veil of ignorance, and allows the soul to function as a liberation experience, releasing it from the bounds of illusion and the resulting karma.

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