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Randy Chance

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Randy Chance was born in Chicago and has been living in and around Los Angeles all his adult life. He has been a musician since age six and is currently performing, writing and recording as well as teaching music. He has been living in Topanga Canyon since 1993 with his lovely wife, Jenise. He has also studied and taught yoga, meditation and Zen since the late eighties, taking on individual students or small groups intermittently. He also teaches a couple of dozen music students a week, specializing in guitar, piano and composition. Randy continues to move forward in every area of his life, has just finished work on music for a feature film, is currently composing the entire score for another feature film and is preparing to record a blues album consisting of all original songs in his studio.


Films Randy has composed the musical score to:

treachery the girl night visitor she rises perception Hellevator

Films Randy has contributed music to:

victim wreached hidden fetish Ninja Turtles idol


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