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    We do our Recitals every year, on Sunday, between the week-end of Topanga Days and the week-end of Mother's Day. That means that we could make our target date:

    Either the Second, Third, or sometimes Fourth Sunday in May.

    The starting time of the recital is never exactly the same, and we need each students' input to let us know what works for each of them.

    Every student will do two pieces. I perform with each student, unless they want to play by themselves. No one is forced to perform. Any student who doesn't feel ready is more than welcome to attend and watch and listen. The recital is not open to the public, but anyone invited by a student or his/her family is welcome.

    We have done the Annual Recitals more than once at our house. Typically, it is at the family of a student volunteer. Suggestions are welcome.

    For more information, to give me input, call

    (310) 455-8984

    And continue consulting this website for further information.

  • Or you can e-mail me at: